Project 911 Carrera 75
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Porsche 911 Carrera, this is a one owner car from new, that has only covered 50,000 miles. Car itself is in excellent condition with very little rust. We plan on restoring the car over the next few months, and will be offer for sale early next year. (32 images)

Many miles of Carrera driving pleasure have been played out through these pedals. Rebushing and restoring them to new will ensure the dynamics are exactly as Porsche intended.

The heart of the 2.7 is of course its unique 2.7 MFI engine. Fully rebuilt and tuned to ensure perfect running.

always nice to see when totally mint given the amount of muck and gunk which accumulates here over the years and is especially problematic for the b-post and kidney bowl you can see at the back there.

Some of the details that make this car include the rear spoiler. You can see the influence of the early cars in the way the spoiler still includes the slope and grill from the original flat lid. Later evolutions, including the turbo tail raised this to being totally flat.