Project 911 ST set3
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We've done quite a few restoration conversions of early cars to ST specification over the years. The ST being one car that the owners typically love the freedom to customise into something really unique without worrying too much about purity. (37 images)

Flag Mirrors wont be going back on so we repair the old holes back to metal ready to drill new holes for the old style mirrors later.

Trial fit of our ST front arches. Our arches are custom handmade to the unique profile required.

Rebuilding the struts with new dampers and seals will transform the handling. Often overlooked but it really makes a world of difference.

Our custom made 4 pot rear and 6 pot front brake kit is a great choice for those wanting to ensure their 911 has the very best in braking possible. Designed to be a direct fit it makes a great option for any 911, particularly early cars with 15" period type Fuchs. With decent fast road pads these things are amazing. Braided hoses and super blue fluid completes the package.

Rose jointed adjustable anti-roll bar kits are available. Call Mark.

Custom Fuchs with RSR anodised finish, look great and allow you a wider choice of modern tyres.

Can't deny having the car on the spit isn't a huge help when preparing for paint and initial rebuilding up.