PARTS Steel RSR Arches& ST Arches
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Got to love the RSR arches done properly. Once you know the difference between the RSR arch profile and the stock Turbo arch you'll never look at a wide 911 the same again. Its pretty easy to see where people have invested in having the arches as per the RSR specification, with the unique flatter profile and compound shape. Accurately copied from a genuine original RSR. We also offer the earlier variant ST arches for those looking for the bespoke look of the ST. (3 images)

I'll dig through our archives and upload some pictures of our project cars wearing our custom RSR arches. For now, I'll leave you with a Porsche archive picture..

ST arches offer a variation on a theme for those looking to keep the slimmer look of the ST. Wide on the front whilst being slightly narrower than the full fat RSR on the rear our ST arches make a stunning addition to the early bodied car.

Rear RSR arches as fitted to our viper green RSR project from a few years back,