FOR SALE 911 S For Restoration
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A genune 911S - these things are now impossible to come by. There was a time you probably wouldn't distinguish between an S and a T or E but such is the movement of rare Porsches like the 2.7RS the S has long since been sought after as the investors alternative to an RS. We have a great opportunity to acquire a genuine classic S. £POA (16 images)

Porsche 911 S 1970 left hand drive shell with V5 and significant parts package.

now available our 911S 1970 left hand drive shell complete with V5 and a substantial collection of parts to enable a significant restoration to be completed. As you can see from the images the car is stripped and ready for structural repair to the shell. However it is in very good condition.

Stripped and braced the shell is easily inspected. As priced the project doesnt include its original S engine but does includes a 2.2T engine which could be rebuilt to S specfication,

Gone also are the days where a targa was a lesser model than the coupe. Often sought after now as the perfectr 911 for those sunny days having a genuine S targa is a great talking point and would add to any 911 collection.

The shell needs restoration in key areas and will require doors, engine lid and bonnet. Importantly though all the frames and glass comes with it making re-assembly relatively easy.

There are a number of items missing such as the front seats, instruments and wiring loom. Though the important elements such as the running gear, suspension and gearbox are included. For more information on the car please don't hesitate to contact us 01686 440323 £25,000