PROJECT Restoration on 911 E 1973
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Porsche 1973 911 E right hand drive, came in for full #restoration and is now being put back together - Brilliant to be restoring these cars back to some of the original seventies colors that they left the factory in (47 images)

There is nothing nicer than working with a nice clean shell after all the messy work has been done and you've sorted out the jig or frame for access to the tricky areas. After 20+ years working on 911's you have to stop and admire the lines on every single shell, you never get tired of the shape!

the purity of the lines on the early cars are clear including the narrow rear arches.

One for the favorite stages is sharing the pictures of the car in paint with there owners. Often signifying the end of a very long journey for some. We love the classic brown which Porsche offered right up to the 3.0SC era cars.

Its also great to refinish a full shell inside and out, something which used to be difficult to justify given the amount of strip down work and mess. Nowadays modern dipping techniques like those performed by our friends at make this a great option

Time to start building the car back up which includes blacking some of the painted areas back to the factory satin black finish.

Fiddly work refitting the looms taking care not to damage the paintwork as we go. A great chance to tidy up the looms and organise the wiring. Thank goodness the 911 is a simple car electrically! none of this modern computerised nonsense, CAN buses and OBD diagnostics!

Work continues inside to trace through all the electrics. Still a time consuming job but rewarding all the same.

Pedal box rebuilds are common practice and restore the feel of the car back to factory fresh. The 911 communicate so much through the pedals you might has well have them in A1 condition!

Slowly and surely starting to retrim the inside of the car and work to the headlining.

Almost feels a shame to retrim and cover the interior painwork! Though we do like what singer achieved with there custom interiors we feel Porsche got the interior right as standard. A great place to be.

Running gear stripped, blasted, re-bushed ready to go back on. Simple and effective torsion bar set up for the front end

Now we are getting somewhere. There are few colors on a classic porsche that ant enhanced with the combination of satin black and chrome detailing. Classic chrome window frames are right on the money for the pre 74 cars.

Screen in and fresh rubber seals all round. Often baked and crusted solid particularly on US cars you cant re-use anything. All new seals make the car like new.

The start of the rear suspension going in. Again, simple trailing arms and torsion bars and not an electronic sensor in sight

Dustsheilds on and new green bilsteins triangulate hte rear suspension. next up the tosion bars and plates to provide the load bearing element. Once that big old engine is in she'll sit down just right.

Same treatment up front, New bilstein sport, top mounts and bushes.

Drop links in place too. These disappeared on the later cars.