PARTS Upgraded 911 Fuseboard
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The leaders in specialist electrical upgrade compoments for Porsche application (and other classics) present their classic 911 fuse board upgrade to all modern hardware for ultimate reliability (3 images)

We are always impressed with CR products and the CR fuseboard is no exeption. Managing to update the classic 911 to all new modern fuses along with led indicators, uprated relays and all within the existing stock 911 fuse board cover is a stroke of genius! Given that our cars often dont see regular use and they are getting to be pretty old electronically you really are making an investment in the right area, one that will pay dividends when it comes to using your car as you would like safe in the knowledge that the electronics arnt going to let you down.

the quality of equipment, design and engineering speaks volumes about CR's attention to detail and design ethos. Full comprehensive installation instructions are included along with a full set of fuses making this one of the more pleasurable jobs you can undertake yourself and highly rewarding. If in doubt call us to sort installation for you no problem. Once you start to upgrade your 911 in this area you will see more sense in the extended range from CR which includes alternators, rear fuse boards and the complex CDI units which up until now have proven to be a costly and a hard to source fix. (Porsche units being £££ if not unobtainable).

Put reliability questions to bed with the highest quality upgraded electrical systems and use your 911 with complete peace of mind.