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Our workshop is literally bursting at the seams with glorious #Porsche restoration projects. We never seem to get a minute to capture everything that goes on round here so we thought to populate up a nice workshop gallery and let the pictures do the talking (161 images)

What a fantastic place to be, period ST type seats with custom fixtures make for a fantastic drive.

Shell preparation going on across the workshop. We have some 20 cars underway at any one time

MFI EFI Carbs, whatever powers your 911 we have the experience to restore or transform your motor.

Gone are the days when the Targa way the underdog to the Coupe. thankfully!

SSI equipment supplied and fitted.

Something beautiful about a freshly prepared shell ready for build up.

Quarter panels going on, carefully across the c-panel

Stripped by our friends at envirostrip this shell awaits its time in the workshop. Looks like it will be needing some new metal.

Go ad mad as you like buying original recaro seats. If you want them trimming to original quality or something custom we can assist.

Always always needed, the old kidney bowls.

Replacement of strucutural elements done to factory quality levels for originality.

Sometimes the shells need a litte support to ensure rebuild to factory tolerances. We have a wide range of Jigs available including ones for early cars.

Anyone guess the famous owner of this car?